Nos cruzamos con los antiguos sacos de cereales procedentes de Transilvania y no pudimos resistirnos. Decidimos ponerles nuestra firma con un bordado hecho a mano, con mimo y tiempo. Por supuesto: no hay dos iguales. Están forrados con nuestra tela de mapamundi y las asas son de cuero natural. 

Las medidas varían en función del saco de cereal.

Los tejidos son de algodón o lino. 

Another little piece of textile history turned into a bag. These shopping bags are made with old cereal sacks that we got in central Europe and that were used in the middle of the last century to store and transport cereals. They are resistant cotton or linen bags with a characteristic line that is usually red, green or blue. Each of these bags is hand embroidered with a word or a small drawing. They can be personalized with the name of the store, the chosen word or the drawing you want. They are unique pieces, the measurements depend on the bag from which they are made, they may have patches, some stains that do not come out and different tones, all these characteristics make them special and unique, they enrich the product and remind us of the story behind them. They are lined with our world map fabric, have an interior pocket, a magnet button and leather handles. We have also added handle holders in case you want to add a long handle that allows us to carry them crossed. 

FABRIC: old cotton or linen cereal sacks LEATHER HANDLES